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Our Favorite Local Recommendations

"There are so many things to do in Denali!  What should we choose?  What do you recommend?" These are some of our favorite questions from guests, and we're here to help!


Here's a blog post of our favorite local restaurants!

*New Wave Adventures. Taking a raft tour with New Wave Adventures is INCREDIBLY fun! I've lived here my entire life and the first time I went on a raft trip I thought "why didn't I do this sooner?" You'll see the Denali National Park area in a unique way with the thrill of adventure! There are several different raft trips. I can help you book this one as well! 

*Denali Park Zipline Tours.  This is a locally owned zip line company that loves all things outdoors.  I have personally went on the tour in the summer of 2020 - it was so much fun!  Gorgeous views, fun lines & funny tour guides.  If you are afraid of heights - take the risk - it is well worth it!  (You also get a short side-by-side ride out to the location - bonus!!) Visit their website for a booking promo code - they usually have one!

*Denali Jeep Excursions.  Locally owned, this company can take you out the Denali Highway without ruining your rental car!  You're in for a very scenic drive.

*Denali ATV Adventures.  Locally owned, you will feel like a true local after you spend some time on a four-wheeler or side by side.  Don't forget your camera - and bring a rain jacket!  You'll be in the elements for this one.

*Sled Dog Demonstrations.  This free demonstration by the National Park Service is a must-see for all dog lovers!  You can tour the kennels, and see the dogs pull a sled.  These pups LOVE their job - and you'll love them too.

*Hike Denali!  Visit the national park service website and navigate to Denali National Park. My favorite hikes are Horseshoe Lake, the Meadow View Trail, Savage River Loop Trail, Triple Lakes, but you can't really go wrong!\

*Go Geocaching! Download the free app and go exploring to find hidden gems that other travelers have marked.


*Music Dinner Theatre - Music of Denali.   Dinner and a show!  This dinner theater is packed with information and song about the beginning of Denali.  Yummy food, a cheesy atmosphere, and as a lifelong Alaskan, I still find myself in the audience every few years.

*Old Sourdough Studios.  Locally owned, this photography studio shoots Alaskana themed photos - you can wear LOTS of Alaskan furs, ride a salmon, or stand outside an igloo!!  My coworkers and I took a photo here a few years ago, and it was a hit!

I hope these recommendations are helpful.  Consider calling ahead or booking online to ensure that you can experience your activity and don't miss out!

To find more Denali expiriences, check out Denali Chamber of Commerce and Discover Denali.

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