COVID-19 Testing at Fairbanks International Airport

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Five things to know if you're flying into Fairbanks International Airport and plan on being tested for COVID-19 upon arrival. As a reminder, mandates are always changing and an up-to-date report from the state can be found here.

ONE. You will have to fill out health forms upon arrival. You can take the time to fill them out at a helpful little station in the lobby of the airport, or you can do so online. (I wish I would have done this!! It would have saved me so much time.). You can find the papers you'll need to fill out here.

TWO. You will have a (short?) wait. When we flew in to Fairbanks International Airport there were two planes that had arrived at the same time which led to a lot of back up. From the time the plane touched down to the time I had tested, gathered bags and left the airport was over an hour. They said this was one of the longest wait times, so I hope we were the outliers there.

THREE. You will go through several lines in order to ultimately see a nurse. There was one line to fill out papers, then someone to direct passengers into three lines. There, someone went over my paperwork, entered it into the system, handed me a separate paper, and told me to get in a new line. I used this opportunity to gather my baggage since the baggage claim is not accessible while standing in the first line.

FOUR. You'll get a text when it's your turn for testing. After I grabbed my bags, I actually took them out to the car since I had my little one with me and it was nearly two AM. They told me since I was in the system, I would get a text when they were ready for me to be tested. It appears to me that they send the text exactly when they're ready for you - no waiting, no early notice. I was still at the car when I got my text and was bumped to the end of the waiting list. Thankfully, my very tired (and "expressive" - she was crying a lot) baby helped us get bumped to the front really fast. ;) The actual nasal swab was fairly easy and quick and they had us in and out of the "office" faster than any other point in the process.

FIVE. Who knows how long it will take to get your test results back. They said I would have my results back in 24 hours - it took 5 DAYS. The email was from "Boss-Reporter" which seems a little sketchy, but it was my test results in a protected message. I applaud the state's attempt to slow the spread, but there are certainly some flaws in the process of testing, especially at the airport.

I hope these tips were helpful for you as you travel through Fairbanks, Alaska!

Please remember to check the State of Alaska COVID Website for ever changing Travel Mandates.

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