Garden Update: 2020.1

We are a rental property - but one unique thing about our property is that we live here too!! And, because of this, we'd love to show you a little behind-the-scenes on our home garden. If anyone is an Alaskan gardener, I would love to hear more about what works well for you!

We have two different plots in our garden - a potato "field" and an enclosed garden. In our potato field, we planted seed potatoes that are certified Alaskan grown, purchased from our local supplier, "Denali Grown."

This is our first year using weed barrier, and I'm super excited to see if it helps at all. I am hoping that if nothing else, it keeps the ground warmer during the shoulder seasons and we get a little bit longer growth. Our season is so short here, we don't put anything in the ground until close to June 1.

We cut holes for each of the potatoes, and are hopeful that they will grow and grow! We planted 15 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes and 10 lbs of red potatoes. Last year we were able to harvest 160 lbs of potatoes!!! I'm excited for this year's count.

This year, we purchased for the first time from Johnny's selected seeds. In the past, we've just bought seeds at the grocery store or a greenhouse in Fairbanks. We started seeds but didn't do them under grow lights, and I'm afraid their roots weren't strong enough that they won't really thrive. But, we planted some directly into the ground and here they are:

Row 1: squash, cucumbers

Row 2: sugar snap peas

Row 3: bush beans

Rows 4&5: carrots

Row 6: butter crunch lettuce

Row 7: Monte Carlo lettuce (sounds fancy!)

Row 8: broccoli & cauliflower

I'm anxious for the summer to continue and to get to share updates of our growth!

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