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2021 Year in Review

WOW!! What a year at Denali Hideaway!! We are so grateful to each of our guests who booked a stay with us and left us a review! Your kindness means the world to our business and we are so grateful!! In the spirit of fun data collection, I've compiled a list of interesting stats of our year in 2021!

Number of Bookings in 2021 - 93

After a year like 2020, we did a happy dance with EACH and every inquiry and booking that came through! We are so grateful to those who traveled in 2021 and came to experience Denali!

Nights Stayed in 2021 - 170

In the summer months, we require a multiple night stay, but in the winter months we allow one night stays! We are so grateful for each of these nights and can't believe that we had guests stay with us for nearly 47% of the year! (Remember, I love those nerdy stats!)

Reviews Received in 2021 - 55 Reviews matter SO STINKING MUCH! Not only is it helpful to other guests considering booking with us, it helps our rankings with VRBO and helps ensure that we maintain a Premiere Partner ranking with them! We are grateful for each and every review (yes, even the one or two not-so-kind-ones) but especially reviews like this incredibly kind one from Melody!

Kami was awesome and so friendly and easy to work with. She truly was a delight. It is off the main highway at a dead end which was nice. The 2-bedroom apartment is over the garage and the space was fine for the four of us. The bedrooms had room darkening shades which was great. We had plenty of towels and handmade soaps. There is a Keurig coffee maker and Kami provided the coffee as well as some snacks, paper plates, and plastic ware. There is a microwave and small refrigerator. We went to the Totem Inn one night for dinner which is down the road a very short distance. The guys loved the deep fried chicken sandwich that this place is known for. Thank you, Kami, for your warm and kind hospitality. You definitely show the light of Jesus within you. God bless you and your beautiful family in all things. - Melody, July 2021

Number of Toilet Paper Rolls Used in 2021 - 120

With the toilet paper shortage of 2020, this stat made me chuckle. That many bookings and guests mean we go through quite a bit of TP! Don't worry, we always keep a good amount on stock should a toilet-paper-pocolypse happen again!

Denali Blog Posts Published - 6

This one is more of a goal to beat for next year than one I am proud of. I have SO much more Denali wisdom to share and am eager to get it out to the world! Hopefully next year we will get a few more blog posts going! Until then, here's a list of the posts we published in 2021:

bonus - 2021 Year in Review (hey, you're already reading it, thanks!)

Number of Guests Hosted - 256

I can't believe we hosted over 250 individual guests over the year 2021! What an honor. We hope that guests visiting the Hideaway feel comfortable and cozy, and even like friends to us! We love helping you plan your Alaskan vacation, even if you don't stay with us directly.

One Great Year!!

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for an incredible year! We love hosting families and friends throughout the year and look forward to doing so again in 2022!!

- Kami, Dakota and family

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