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Shopping Alaskan Small Shops 2021

For Christmas 2021, I made it my personal goal to buy as many gifts on my list from Alaskan Small Shops as I could! If you're still putting the finishing touches on your list, or if you're looking to treat yourself, consider shopping with some of these small shops. You won't be disappointed!!

Here & There Boutique - Anchorage, Alaska

Here & There Boutique has the cutest Alaskan earrings, necklaces, ornaments and more - made with sand local to many Alaskan towns! Choose from Anchorage, Denali and more. I purchased this ADORABLE snowflake ornament that includes sand from the Nenana River right outside Denali National Park!! Jessie also gifted me these beautiful earrings (also with Denali sand!!!) and Alaska range necklace. I LOVE each of these pieces!

Little Alaskan - Kenai, Alaska

It is so fun to find an Alaskan small shop for kiddos!! I LOVE Little Alaskan and bought several gifts from their shop this year! These booties are so stinking cute and I also bought Little Alaskan sweatshirts. My only wish would be that this shop be located closer to Denali because it is so fabulous!! They just moved into a new location, so if you're in the Kenai area, be sure to visit for me!!

Headband Happy AK - Anchorage, Alaska

I LOVE these headbands and also purchased my kiddos the children's fleece neck warmers - essential for the cold outdoor hockey nights we have ahead of us!! These headbands are stylish and functional - they're one of the only ones I have that don't constantly slip off my head! They're well made with tons of creative prints, including ones that are Alaskan inspired or made specially for Headband Happy AK!

Alaskan Coffee Bean - Healy, Alaska

This is the coffee shop local to us and it carries SO many cute gift items as well as delicious coffees, treats and breakfast items. (AND, in the summer, ice cream!!) I'm not a coffee drinker myself, but I know exactly where to go for the coffee drinkers in my life! Some may say a gift card is impersonal, but when using it as a gift for a teacher, coworker or someone who works with your kiddos, I say it's perfect!!

Bannor Toys - Madrid, Iowa

Okay, okay, okay, FINE this isn't an Alaskan small shop. BUT it's an incredibly cool family owned business that makes one of the coolest Alaskan gifts that I know of!! This toy shop sells incredible Alaska state rattles! You can add just a last name, as we did on ours, or you can add full birth stats too! They also carry toys for younger babies as well as educational tools for early elementary school learners, but for now - ALASKA!!

AllegroStitches - North Pole, Alaska

I love doing needle work and these craft bags from this cute shop in North Pole are the best ones!! I was gifted this bag last year, and had to buy several for gifts this year! That's the beauty of shopping small - falling in love with a product & shop and passing the love on to other local Alaskans!!

These are the gifts I had bought prior to November 1 - when I wrote this blog! There's still much shopping to be done, and it's been so fun to discover these small Alaskan shops! Join me in shopping small this holiday season?

- Kami

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