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7 Simple Steps to Ensure Your Alaskan Summer Adventure is One to Remember!

Visiting Denali National Park in the summer months is an incredible opportunity to experience the beauty and adventure of Alaska. With expansive landscapes, stunning wildlife and exciting activities, Denali National Park gives visitors the chance to have a once in a lifetime experience. For our purposes here, summer months include the time in which most housing, restaurants, and tours are open - roughly May 15 to September 15 of any given year. To make the most of your trip, there are a few things you should do right now to prepare for your summer adventure.

  1. Plan your Alaskan route: Before embarking on your journey, be sure to plan out the route you want to take. This is a crucial first step! Carefully decide which towns you want to visit, and which towns you will need to save for a future Alaskan vacation. Put your route into Google Maps and see if the time spent in the car will be realistic for your vacation days. Many people try to squeeze in too much Alaska into too short of time. Do not be like these people. Instead, narrow down your trip so you can really enjoy it! This will help you make the most of your time and ensure you get to experience the incredible sights that Alaska has to offer.

  2. Book your places to stay: Whether you plan to stay in a hotel, cabin, or campground, it is important to book your places to stay ahead of time. We, of course, encourage you to book with us at Denali Hideaway!! This will ensure you have a comfortable place to rest after a long day of exploring Denali National Park and the surrounding areas. When looking for places to stay throughout the state, check sites like VRBO, AirBnB, or see if there is an individual website for a listing. Local Chambers of Commerce are also a good place to begin your search! Keep an eye out for if places have an indoor bathroom or an outhouse. Hot tip: if a listing says it's a "DRY" cabin, that means there is no running water and you'll be using an outhouse during your stay.

  3. Organize a rental car: A rental car is necessary to get around and explore all that Denali has to offer. We do not have a reliable Lyft, Uber or Taxi service in the area and the distances are much too big to walk. You'll need to have your own car to get to where you need to go! We suggest checking out the website Turo. Make sure to book in advance to ensure you have the vehicle you need.

  4. Decide what tours you will be doing: Denali National Park offers a variety of tours, from guided hikes to rafting trips. Research your options and decide which tours you would like to do to make the most of your time. We can help you book a rafting trip, a zipline trip, an ATV tour or a Jeep tour.

  5. Pick out hikes to do: There are plenty of amazing hikes to explore in Denali National Park. Research the trails and decide which ones you would like to do. Be sure to bring the necessary gear to make your hike safe and enjoyable. Here's a few of our favorite hikes! Suspension Bridge Hike; Horseshoe Lake; Meadow View Trail.

  6. Research restaurants: Denali National Park has plenty of amazing restaurants to check out. Research your options and decide which ones you would like to visit. We have a list of our most recommended restaurants, down to which is our favorite restaurant for each meal of the day!

  7. Plan your adventures: Come up with a general idea of what activities you would like to do and how you want to explore the park. This will help you make the most of your time and allow you to experience all that Denali has to offer. Here are our best resources to start planning your trip. And 10 FREE things to do while you're visiting Denali!

With the right preparation, you can make the most of your trip to Denali National Park. Start planning NOW to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.


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