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A letter to my 2020 guests

Dear Summer Guests of 2020,

I am so sorry you had to cancel your dream Alaskan vacation. What. A. Bummer. What a weird spring we've been having. From social distancing, to wearing a mask and constantly washing your hands, things just don't feel normal. And that's if you're well! If you've been sick with COVID19 I am thinking of you even more.

I know that you've spent countless hours planning your dream trip. I'm sure you took careful time to perfectly pick out the exact right tour for you in your family. If you're anything like me, you already had imagined pictures of your family going on that zipline tour or taking that rafting trip.

You carefully took the time to choose which hotels, vacation rental properties or hostels you would stay at - and you chose us! We were so grateful. We ARE so grateful. You see, we've been doing the same thing as you all winter. We've been getting to know YOU as you tell us the anniversary you are traveling to celebrate, the milestone you are commemorating or that Alaska is the 50th state on your bucket list. We are just as heartbroken as you that you won't be here this summer to explore this special place of ours.

And so, we wait. We will be here next summer ready to celebrate your 26th anniversary instead of your 25th... your 51st birthday instead of your 50th... And maybe by next year, we will all have a little *more* to celebrate and appreciate.

Wash your hands + be well,

Denali Hideaway

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