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Mile 261 Fishing Hole

Where: Mile 261 Parks Highway, west side of highway

Fishing For: Rainbow Trout

Other Info: Stocked Pond, Road Access

One of the most commonly asked questions I get from guests visiting #DenaliNationalPark or Healy - where we are located! - is where are the *good* local fishing spots? I'm here to help!

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game says that this little pond was first stocked in 1996 with rainbow trout! I was born and raised in Healy, and so this little fishing hole is a part of many childhood memories. My parents even call this fishing hole "Kami's Pond" because they would take me there to fish as a kid.

This little spot is great for a few hours of fishing after a busy day in Denali! It's probably not big enough to fill up an entire day while you're visiting the area, but it is excellent for a few hours of fishing calm.

This pond is located at Mile 261 Parks Highway on the west side of the highway and is marked with a small little sign. You'll drive back a small ways and there are two little trails to waterside fishing.

When we arrived, one of the access spots was fairly inaccessible due to lots and lots of rain. We also had five children with us, so it was easier to stay at the closer point of water access.

The closest point of water access was perfect for our group. We caught several small fish while visiting, but my hands were full chasing toddlers so I didn't get any photos with the fish. According the the Alaska Department of Fish & Game, the pond is stocked each year with rainbow trout.

This is such a beautiful spot right off the highway. The highway is right behind those trees and you can't even tell! It's truly a secluded little perfect fishing hole.

Have you fished here? We'd love to hear about it!!

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