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Summer 2020 - COVID Impacts on Denali

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hello to all of our 2020 Denali Hideaway Guests!! We are still hoping to host you this 2020 season, but as we are all aware... a global pandemic can sure put a damper on travel. Here's a handy list of links that should help you discern whether or not your trip to Denali National Park is still in the cards for you.

Denali Hideaway Cleaning and Care Guide: can be found here.

State of Alaska COVID-19: homepage here.

State of Alaska COVID-19 Traveler Information: page here.

State of Alaska COVID-19 Health Guidance for Alaska Travelers: page here.

State of Alaska COVID-19 FAQ: page here.

Denali Visitor Center: page includes businesses that will be open here. (Though this is incomplete because it only lists businesses that are either paying members of the center OR businesses that have filled out their online doc.)

Denali Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center graphic with openings:

Denali National Park Outings: You can find information here about driving your own private vehicle into the park!! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Our personal commentary: While things are certainly different in Denali National Park this summer, and your trip will be different than the one you originally thought you were planning... you can STILL have a GREAT time in the area!!! Whatever decision you decide is best for your party/family we fully support - but don't decide not to come because there isn't enough to do. There are still restaurants, tours and more open - plus, with less people than ever in the park, you'll get to be closer to her than ever.

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