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Vote for Denali Hideaway! - 2022 Best of Denali Awards

Our local Chamber of Commerce & Discover Denali Visitor's Center is hosting the FIRST ANNUAL 2022 Best of Denali Awards!! And we've been nominated!!!

If you already know you want to vote for us, you can head directly to vote for Denali Hideaway HERE!

Discover Denali is hosting the first annual Best of Denali Awards & the winner will be announced in January 2023! There are 16 different categories and we are one of the nominees in the "BEST VACATION RENTAL" category! How fun for us!!!

There are so many other fun categories for you to vote in, including: Best Breakfast, Best Art Gallery, Best Coffee Shop, Best Pizza, Best Motorized Excursion, Best Non-Motorized Excursion, Best Trail and more.

There are so many of our friends on this list! Including some we've highlighted here on the blog. We'll be casting votes for New Wave Adventures, Denali Park Zipline, and some of our favorite restaurants we've listed here!


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